Xenu Link Sleuth tool

Xenu Link Sleuth tool – Free broken link checker tool

I want to share with you people, a free tool for finding broken links on your website. The tool is called Xenu or Xenu’s Link Sleuth, developed by Tilman Hausherr, and the best thing for marketers is that Xenu is available at no charge. Thank you Tilman!
Xenu Link Sleuth tool
As you know, the web is dynamic and field that is constantly changing. One of its main structures are links that may break sometimes if architectural changes occur on a website.
As a Webmaster, you should be aware of broken links as having them is large quantity may hurt your SEO and bring negative user experience.
Google sees broken links as user does: Broken links are negative signals, as user never reach link destination through broken links, and that cause negative interaction and bad user experience. Google “cares” for website usability and gives negative point on websites with lots of broken links.
On the other side, the link never pass page value, moreover if internal link is broken, the search engine spider could not properly crawl the site i.e. broken link halts the progress of search engine spider.
In order to avoid broken links, Tilman Hausherr developed SEO tool called Xenu, which crawl the site and detect broken links no matter if they are internal or external. Xenu detect every kind of link on your website and gives more information about the link like:

  • Status (Broken link or Ok)
  • Type of link (CSS file, image, HTML, Java Script)
  • Page size
  • Page title
  • Page description
  • Page Deep level
  • Number of Internal and External links
  • Server type
  • Error message

Xenu broken link interface

Broken link row are marked with red colour, which make process faster and easier. After you find broken links on your website, the next step is to fix them and improve website usability.
Never underestimate broken links. Download Xenu tool and make your links search engine and user friendly.


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