HTML5 SEO power

It’s time to take SEO advantage of HTML5 markup

HTML5 SEO power

For some sites, especially those that rely heavily on Flash or Silverlight, HTML5 is a gift from God.
If your site is mainly Flash, will definitely see a benefit to divert it to HTML5. Search engine bots can crawl your site and index your content. Search engines can read all the content that is currently in the form of animation. According to the theory of SEO, only this aspect of HTML5 will do wonders for your site’s ability to attract free traffic.

However, the number of flash websites is smaller each year as marketers take advantage of HTML5 and its capabilities. Here are some flash websites I have found on web (if you visit this page after a period, I don’t guarantee bellow given will be flash ):



Bear 71

What all webmasters should think about is that technology is shifting with the time. Seen from almost any perspective, it’s better to stay up with the current technology because sooner or later, the old timer may impact your traffic, leads, and sales. This is something similar to responsive design think about it; responsive was unknown term 10 years ago and today it’s almost a necessary “equipment” of your SEO Marketing arsenal .

The Doctype of this blog is HTML5, and there are HTML5 tags described bellow. I didn’t started with the idea of having HTML5 template for my blog, and I don’t think that it will make a diffrence in Search Relults, as content still rules the Internet world. However, for specific businesses, there is one thing that really matters: the semantic markup syntax called Microdata is relying on html5.
html5 seo

SEO Advantage of HTML5

HTML5 is a popular topic and generate interest by itself. Many sites come with information on which HTML5 applications are released, new versions of audio and video players, games for mobile browsers, useful tools based on HTML5 etc. One advantage is that new technologies are useful for consumers and when consumers are satisfied with “something”, they generate natural backlinks.

Sites rich in multimedia will benefit of HTML5

From a consumer perspective, HTML5 has the ability to transform the way visitors interact with the site. Sites that are rich in multimedia content will reap the most benefit, particularly with regard to mobile platforms.

iPhone and iPad will never support Flash, but no problem – now we have HTML5. You can now embed audio and video without worrying about browser compatibility and capabilities of the platform.

New tags in HTML5

Here is a brief list of tags in HTML5, which are most important for proper website structure:

<section> tag defines a block of content (e.g.<article>). If a blog post is divided into several sections of subheadings, each subsection may be surrounded by <section> tags.

<article> is an independent block of content. For example, a blog or post a new article can be surrounded by<article>tag.

<header> tag has two objectives:

  1.  to determine the title of the page
  2.  to define the header block of content (e.g.<article>).

<header>tags can contain navigation logos / brands or titles of documents.

<hgroup> acts as a wrapper for two one or more related heading elements possibly contained within a <header> element. It can only contain a group of <h1>–<h6> element(s), and it should be used for subtitles, alternative titles, and tag lines.

<footer> tag resembles <header> tag. Can determine <footer> of the entire HTML document or <footer> of an article. May contain navigation or meta information for an article (e.g., author, date, etc.).

The <nav> tag is intended only for major block of navigation links. Best example is the main navigation above content.

<aside> is for content related to the main article, but it is not part of the main document. In other words can be used in the sidebar of the site or within the special articles on interesting things like “do you know that …”

These are the main HTML 5 tags you will meet often in the following period as more and more templates are going to be released with HTML5 markup language. Don’t be afraid of HTML5. Google is becoming more familiar with this markup language so better start learning more about it.

To start with, I suggest to visit HTML5 New Elements at

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3 thoughts on “It’s time to take SEO advantage of HTML5 markup

  1. HTML5 is the best thing that happened in a long long time. You get the flash effect without having to deal with the loading time and the massive size of the flash application on your website. Most users just bounce of your website when they see that is loading slow … HTML5 can fix that and plus SEO people love it 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment! And yes, technology is shifting so we better get used to the new one like HTML 5 is. If you noticed, this blog is developed in HTML5 and loads pretty fast which is a big advantage today in terms of user experience and thus SEO.

  2. I’m a big fan of HTML5. So far, I’ve seen amazing search engine ranking results with the new HTML markup, and definitely recommend to all. Sooner or latter, everything will switch to HTML5.

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