Webmaster Tools Search Analytics (beta) default view

The New Search Analytics Report in Google’s Webmaster Tools

Google’s Webmaster Tools feature, the Search Analytics (previously Search Queries) has a new, and I would freely say improved interface.

You would agree with me that Webmaster Tools Analytics report is one of the most used sections these days by SEO’s, Marketers and Webmasters. I believe this update will bring more satisfaction among above groups taking in mind that this feature of Webmaster Tools is doing pretty good job when brainstorm, measure, and make improvements on our website in terms of content.

What’s new in Google’s Webmaster Tools Search Analytics (beta)?

The default view is showing only clicks, instead of both clicks and impressions at the previous version.

Webmaster Tools Search Analytics (beta) default view
Next, the same Search Analytics dashboard gives you more friendly metrics widget and dimensions bar.

You can measure performances of your site by choosing single metric like Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position or easily combine two or more views given in the images bellow:

Clicks + CTR

Clicks CTR Webmaster Search Analytics

Clicks + Impressions

Clicks and impressions webmaster analytics

Clicks + Impressions + Position

Clicks, impressions and position Webmaster Tools

How can you combine metrics widget with dimensions bar?

Just bellow the metrics widget, there is a panel with different dimensions:

  • Queries
  • Pages
  • Countries
  • Devices
  • Search Type (Web, image and video)
  • Date range

You can make nice combinations with metrics and dimensions. For instance, you can see impressions by queries or impressions by search type (web, video or image) to see which type of content best perform in Google and take actions accordingly.

But what I really like in this new Search Analytics reports is the ability to make comparison of different dimension types. For example, I can compare impressions and average position in both UK and US and see how my site performs in these two countries.
Custom combinations webmaster tools

Last Words on Search Analytics

The new look of Webmaster Tools Search Queries (now Search Analytics) seems fancy, and yet you can choose to get back to the old “Search Queries” report. We don’t know for how long.

At the end, personally I expect more improvement of this feature and overall Google’s Webmaster Tools. Let’s see what future and Google will bring to us.

In you need more information about Search Analytics Report, follow this link.



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