Brochure business website

Let’s talk about business brochure websites

Does your business website need to be a kind of online brochure? At the beginning of the Internet as a place where you as an entrepreneur, and/or your business can be found, were brochure website. This meant that the business brochure on paper translates into an electronic document that is available online.
But today I feel that your business website should at least be in the form of a brochure. As if in brochure form, you will not use rewards that a website can bring to your business.

Brochure business website

What is a website brochure?

A solid brochure of an entrepreneur should include:

  • Homepage. The cover page should lead the reader to read the other pages of the booklet which will present your offer…
  • Your offer. This gives a brief description of your products and/or services.
  • Urgency. The booklet aims to provoke urgency for action …
  • About page with contact information …

Yes, it is a brochure in several small pages.
Watch this now:

  • Home brochure page – Landing page of your business website
  • Your offer – Products for your business website
  • Urgency of the brochure – Promotion as a separate page on your business website or banner which flashes to take some action by the visitor
  • Contact information – About Us page of your business website or contact us page..

You now understand why over 30% of business websites in the world are ordinary web brochures. I would say “simple” because webmasters did not used the potential of the online presence of a business.

An exercise of Entrepreneur of the real example

When writing this article, I came across about sponsored ad on Facebook on paper bags from a company named AEC Packaging. Instantly, I typed in Google “aec packaging” (website’s brand name) as a potential customer or returning visitor. The results were correct in the first place to find a paper bag company. I made a brief analysis of five minutes on the web page and here is my opinion.

Is this website a “normal” web brochure?

The answer is yes. We have the following items (pages):

  • Profile
  • Products
  • Contact Info

Everything that needs for a brochure

Elemnts of a web brochure

Is this business wants to be bigger exporter?

Again the answer is yes because the website is a serious Paper Bag Supplier. On each product they have a Minimum of 3000 Order Quantity bags. I’ve made a research and find that AEC Paper have reputable clients.
This made me look at their SEO, choose a product and ask Google to see if they rank on top results.
I chose the product “luxury gift boxes” to use in this exercise.

Does the website (brochure) rank in Google for “luxury gift boxes?”

The answer is NO. I’ve tried to 5th page for our selected keyword and could not find the product page. Normally I gave up further because it is boring.
So if the business wants to increase its exports must exploit the true potential of their website that is currently a “simple” brochure that serves for almost nothing.

Is it hard to rank first on Google for the keyword “luxury gift boxes”?

Again, the answer is NO. I would say “luxury gift boxes” is medium competitive keyword just because of three pages that rank on first page which belong to authority websites. There is also a result with zero backlinks, and well optimized meta title and description. However the word “luxury gift boxes” is not among the group of words which competition cannot be won. With a little effort this webpage could easily be among first three spots on Google for this keyword and anyone who would be interested in these paper bags in the world, will immediately found the page.

Keyword difficulty mozThis is only one word that was checked, but from this one may arise others (related keywords and phrases) that could be used easily to be found this website.

Does this website looks good?

It looks good anyway. But it is “normal” brochure, and at “ordinary” brochures, usually visitors browse the website, make a few clicks, leave and never come back.

What are the main disadvantages?

  1. Homepage has a flash animation. This looks great, but is not recognized in the eyes of Google and other search engines. The same goes for navigational menu. The menu is flash, and links embedded in flash are invisible to search engines. In theory, the search engines are making progress in detecting links within flash, but don’t rely too heavily on this.
  • A little text . Not enough text that would be recognized by search engines. On pages with more text can be found around 200 words, which is to little for a quality web page.
  1. No elements that would led a visitor (potential customer) to return to the website.
  2. Poor keyword research. The keywords on the page found to be poorly optimized. It need more related keywords, and synonyms to be present.

This article does not apply to SEO, but whether your website looks like “ordinary” brochure.
What I want to emphasize is that this business could be very well ranked in Google (without paying for advertising on Google Adwords). It should be used because if you fail to have more online visitors is more likely to struggle with new conversions.

For example, if you have 1000 visitors a month, and succeed with your website to convert just 0.5% in buyers that are 5 new deals or contracts for export month. If you have 10,000 visitors The same rate of conversion will have 50 new deals a month. And that could be accomplished.

Stay tuned to SEO Marketing Geeks for new tips on Online Marketing.

Andrej Sarevski

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