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A Great Example of the Perfect Marketer

For a second in a matter of two days, a marketer is giving me solutions for two things that matters to me at the moment. According me, he has the X Factor. He guessed what his targeted audience is concerned about at the moment and transmits his knowledge and provides a kind of solutions through his two major blogs: and

His name is Neil Patel.

Yes, Neil Patel is maybe the leading strategist in the digital marketing world, and anyone who is reading SEO Marketing Geeks have probably heard of this Geek. But Neil doesn’t consider himself as a geek.

Actually he’s saying he’s not that smart, but follows some basic rules that brought him at the top. That he is up there, I’m proving with this post dedicated to the marketer who knows to grow his website’s traffic and generate loyal visitors and clients.

Get Into Your Target Market’s Heads

First of all, I redesigned this blog and start thinking whether it would be better if I run it without a right sidebar or not. You know, the sidebar is a vital piece of any blog. You can place valuable information there like your most popular posts, recent posts, search box, categories, banners, CTAs, and everything you think would be useful to your readers.

Neil is really recommending having a sidebar placed on the right side of your blog, and as you can see, I don’t have a right or left sidebar on this blog. You would ask: “How then does Neil Patel helped you to make a decision whether or not a blog should have a sidebar?”

Well, I learned which elements in the sidebar are very important because I believe his answer is data-driven. Email subscription form, important pages, and social media profiles are the key elements that must be visible to people, and the proper place to be shown is the sidebar.

But since I decided to go without sidebar, and instead put visitor’s eyes only in the content, I needed to figure out how to make those elements easily visible to people. The solution was sticky or fixed div where you can always see a CTA, email subscription form, and links to Facebook, Twiter, and Google+. I just need to figure out how to link my best content and there is already an idea like using a secondary fixed element.

Two days after this, I had to develop a social media scheduling strategy for a company, and since I’m not an expert in Social Media, I had to do a little research. Once I started with that – BUM! Here is Neil Patel with another great resource in my email – An infographic about why you need a social media calendar.

Social Media Calendar

Although I usually make deep research before taking any steps for anything, this infographic was the starting point for my social media scheduling task, and helped me a lot in the process.

You know, there are a lot of great marketers out there but only a few are influencers. Neil Patel is one of them because he knows the market perfectly, people’s problems and possible solutions and answers to those problems.

If you starting an online business and even if you’re doing it for a while, think in this way in order to be a successful marketer. Find a market which is familiar to you, stick with it and make your kingdom there. Overtime, you’ll perfectly know what kind of problems concern your buying personas, and you just need to provide them the right solution at a right time.

That’s how Neil Patel built recognized brand and make millions with great marketing and well understanding of his targeted audience.

Learn from the best and develop analytical mindset. That’s the right road to success.



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