Mobile friendly landing pages

5 Tips To Create Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Smartphones and tablets have gained a lot of popularity over the years and people now use them to access websites. If you run a business, you need to optimize your website to suit mobile users. There is a lot of focus on website content in an attempt to attract users.

Mobile friendly landing pages

However, there is little attention on creating suitable landing pages. These pages have the ability to turn a visitor to your site into a customer. A mobile friendly website is not enough if you want to attract customers. You need to provide content that meets your customers’ needs. But there are other key element that will help you stay out of the crowd and make visitors fall in love with your website.

Here are five useful tips when creating a mobile friendly landing pages.

Provide a value on your landing pages

The importance of providing value on your mobile pagesOne of most important thing when developing mobile friendly landing pages is to offer value to your users. Your service or product has to offer significant value to your customers. A large number of business owners tend to overlook this aspect. If your sales pages do not add value to website users, it will be impossible to convert them into customers.

The value you offer will be based on the need you have identified in the market. It has to fulfill a specific need to be considered valuable. Think about your product or service and your target audience. Give them the right answer for their question or demand.

Quick Access

Handheld devices like tablets and smartphones requires fast access to content on your website. You need to make it easy for users to load landing pages on their mobile devices. It should not take more than 5 seconds to load a page. This means that your sales pages should be about 20kb. A user with smartphone do not want to wait for long for a page to load.

Short Landing Pages

Make your content brief in order to sustain user attention. Long pages are not mobile friendly. Mobile users are unlikely to go through a page with a lot of details. Include the most relevant content on your sales pages. Identify the specific details that users are likely to require when they visit their site. It may be necessary to reduce your copy in order to optimize the content for handheld devices. Include short headings and limit the number of lists that you include in your content. This will make it easy for your audience to go through the information.

No Need to Zoom

Do not force your users zoom on the lead pages to see the content using their mobile devices. If you optimize your website for mobile users, they should be able to see your sales pitch as soon as the page loads. Regarding this, think of responsive website design.

Include Simple Forms

Mobile friendly landing pages should aim to reduce the effort a user needs to put in to access content on your website. Simplify the forms you include on the sales pages. Try and limit them to a maximum of 7 fields. It will be easier to convert users on your site to customers by limiting the fields.

So do not wait, nearly half of the visitors on any website are coming through mobile devices. Optimize the mobile version of your website and watch how traffic and conversions grow!

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